Grantee Updates

Strides to Success

Child Scholarships

$6,2000 David H. Kiebach Smile Fund (2013)
Strides to Success provides unique equine experiences that promote learning opportunities that strengthen and develop lives. The grant awarded by the David H. Kiebach Smile Fund gave 5 famillies scholarships for their grieving children to interactive with horses for comfort and development. Each child experienced approximately 14 equine sessions through the David H. Kiebach Smile Fund funding. Multiple scholarship recipients expressed their progress from working with Strides.

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Hendricks County Senior Services, Inc.

Hendricks County Public Transit

$5,000  Anonymous Fund
The Hendricks County Senior Services was awarded $5,000.00 from an anonymous fund at the Community Foundation to support the public transportation for the elderly. This financial support assisted the with the driver salaries, insurance, and fuel costs of the public transit. Appoximately 558 individuals were served during the grant period. Because of generous funding like this, the number of trips and individuals assisted has increased over the past year.

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Hendricks County Honor Guard, Inc.

Uniform Procurement and Maintenance

$3,000 Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2013)

The Hendricks County Honor Guard now has adequate uniforms for a full crew to attend funerals of those  who have served for our country. While they do partake in many other volunteer activities, honoring veterans at their memorial is a crutial role of members of the Hendricks County Honor Guard. The grant administered through the HCCF has enabled the organization to purchase windbreakers, jackets, pants, long sleeve shirts, rain coats, tie chains, and patches for members of the Honor Guard that would otherwise not have them. The Hendricks County Honor Guard is now prepared to honor veterans regardless of weather conditions.


Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library

General Operating

$1,312 Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library Fund (2013)

The Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library has been offering resources to the Plainfield area since 1901. The Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library used the grant received in 2013 to assit with operating expenses. This allowed the library to administer fiancial support where needed, and helped support current programs such as: technology classes, book clubs, various story times, as well as multiple other library activities and events.

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Plainfield Friends Meeting

Beautify Western Yearly Meeting Grounds

$2,500 Bee Reedy Beautification Fund (2013)

The community grounds near Plainfield Friends Meeting was recently enhanced with through a grant from the Bee Reedy Beautification Fund. This funding allowed for the planting of new trees, as well as the mulching of exsisting trees and shrubs. A newly planted tree was planted in memory of Bee Reedy, the individual who originally started the Bee Reedy Beautification Fund at the HCCF.

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Light and Life Free Methodist Church

Food Pantry

General Operating

$1,000 Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2013)

In order to preserve the dry stored foods of the Light and Life Free Methodist Church Food Pantry, the HCCF granted money for them to purchase an air conditioner. The air conditioner ensures safe temperatures for the food to be stored in until clients are able to retrieve them. Along with the purchase of an air conditioner, this grant from the HCCF allowed the food pantry to purchase meats for their clients. It was reported that clients greatly appreciated the meat they were provided with as it is a treat for them and helps them stretch their grocery dollars.

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Hendricks Regional Health Foundation

Plan Today for Tomorrow's Needs

$3,970 Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2013)

The HCCF teamed up with the Hendricks Regional Health Foundation and Edward Jones to provide the community with free informational sessions on ways they can fulfill their charitable dreams in a way that costs them nothing today. There were three separate sessions: the first directed towards professional advisors, second for nonprofit leaders, and the third was open to the public. Overall, the 2013 planned giving event attracted 52 attendees between the three sessions.


Coatesville-Clay Township Public Library

General Operating

$1,000 Amo High School Alumni Education Fund (2013)

Coatesville Clay Township Public Library offers many programs to the Coatesville area. Some of the programs include preschool story time, summer reading, mystery book club and a knitting club. Many residents join the Coatesville Clay Township Public Library for their special holiday events that can be found on the library’s online calendar. The grant through the Amo High School Alumni Education Fund supports the general operating of the library.

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Kingsway Community Care Center

Liability Insurance Conversion

$1,500 Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

Within the past year, 1179 patients visited Kingsway Community Care Center (KCCC). At KCCC, no one is turned away due to the inability to pay the modest fees. With the grant from the Community Foundation, KCCC was able to obtain medical malpractice insurance for all of its licensed medical and dental volunteers and staff.

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The National Center for College Costs

2012 FAFSA Days in Hendricks County

The National Center for College Costs was able to host FAFSA Days for the six high schools in Hendricks County. The FAFSA Days brought in 216 local families where they discovered they were eligible for a total of $603,919 in federal and state grant dollars that would help make their college dreams a reality! After attending FAFSA Days in Hendricks County one student appreciated how informative the experience was, commenting, “They helped me realize I actually can go to college”. North Salem State Bank, Duke Energy Foundation, Smithville Charitable Foundation, Hendricks Power Cooperative, State Bank of Lizton, Hendricks College Network, Avon High School, Brownsburg Education Foundation, Plainfield Community Schools Legacy Foundation, First National Bank, and the Hendricks County Community Foundation made the 2013 FAFSA Days possible.


Get REAL inC

The Lil Sis

$1,500 Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

Get REAL inC exists to exists to encourage, equip and empower girls to Get Respected Educated Able and Loyal in Christ through the support of multigenerational and peer mentors. The Lil’ Sis group engages girls through an icebreaker, encourages them through a testimony, story or hands-on activity, equips them with the word of God and empowers them to live it out.

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Meals on Wheels of Hendricks County

Hendricks County Artisan Marketplace

$700 Anonymous Fund of the HCCF (2012)

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that promotes good health, independence and eases loneliness for homebound seniors in Hendricks County. The meals are delieverd to those who cannot prepare meals for themselves due to illness, disability or age. Meals are transported to the homes of the individuals by generous volunteers of the organization. The grant from the Anonymous Fund of the HCCF helped Meals on Wheels purchase coolers and promotional and marketing items.

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Hendricks County Arts Council

Hendricks County Artisan Marketplace

$5,000 Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The first Hendricks County Artisan Marketplace held 38 booths representing a variety of art forms. Nearly 400 individuals attended the event to view and purchase locally made studio, glass, ceramic, wood, fiber, photography and sculpture art. Also included at the Artisan Marketplace were local musical group and vocal enterainment performances. The event was partially funded by the $5,000 grant from the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund. The Artisan Marketplace will occur again in October of 2013.

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Coatesville-Clay Township Public Library

General Operating

$876.90 - Dr. James F. Elrod Fund (2012)

The Coatesville Clay Township Public Library has been offering the community reading and educational resources since 1912. They were granted general operating support from the Elrod Fund in honor of Dr. Eldrod’s relationship with the library. Programs offered by the library include preschool storytime, summer reading programs, knitting club, book clubs, as well as other clubs and programs.

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Hendricks Symphonic Society, Inc.

General Operating

$1,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The Hendricks Symphony Society is a non-profit volunteer organization formed to provide an educational, cultural, and recreational outlet for talented area performers to share and promote the arts of choral and orchestral music, perform on a regular basis, and produce quality music for the community to enjoy. It was founded in 2007 as a result of music lovers from Hendricks County. This general operating grant from the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund allowed the Society to continue to exist.

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Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition

Benefit Bank

$2,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition fund was established to enhance the collaborative efforts of Hendricks County food pantries to help meet basic nutritional needs of residents who lack financial resources to meet grocery needs. The Coalition also provides financial grants to families to meet immediate needs that cannot be met by other agencies within the county. This grant funded the purchase of two laptops and two portable printers to offer assistance with Federal taxes and FAFSA to low income residents in their homes.


Impact Youth, Inc.


$1,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The mission of Impact Youth, Inc. is to serve the kids of Hendricks County by providing them with positive, invested influences in their lives. Children are paired with a mentor that will provide productive interactions a few hours a week. The grant that was provided through the Community Foundation was used to purchase a computer and insurance to enable the organization to expand throughout the county.

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Indy Honor Flight

Indy Honor Flight #2

$10,000 - Indy Honor Flight Fund (2012)

Indy Honor Flight transports America’s Veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials that are dedicated to honor their sacrifices. This grant enabled 70 Hoosier veterans to attend Indy Flight #2. The trip included visits to the National WW II Memorial, Freedom Wall, Arlington National Cemetery, Marine Corps Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, along with others.

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Hope United Presbyterian Church

Continuing Education for Rev. James Gray Marshall

$188 - Foster and Thelma Jean Jensen Christian

Ministry Fund  (2011)

This grant enabled the current pastor at Hope United Presbyterian Church to attend a continuing education class. The pastor gained knowledge on small church ministry at the Union Presbyterian Smeinary in Richmond, Virginia. The education the pastor has received has helped him continue to grow as the leader of the congregation while also allowing for new programming for the church.

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Hope United Presbyterian Church

Hope Hygiene Products Pantry

$1,500- Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2011)

The Hope Hygiene Products Pantry delievers essential items that cannot be bought with food stamps to 9 local food pantries in Hendricks County. These household and hygiene items include toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, toothpaste, tooth burshes, dish soap, and laundry detergent. With the help of the grant from the Opportunity Fund, Hope Hygiene Products Pantry was able to stock their shelves for appoximately six months.

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Brownsburg Rotary Club

B & O Trailhead Park Project

$2,000- Anonymous Fund of the HCCF (2010)

The Brownsburg Rotary Club donated a shelter house for the B & O Trail. This will provide a scenic stop for hikers, bikers, or picnickers along the trail. The grant from an anonymous fund of the HCCF provided 15% of the funding for the shelter house. The Rotary Club is also providing a parking lot for the shelter that will be completed Summer 2014.


Sheltering Wings

Adult Basic Education and GED Program

$5,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2011)

The Adult Basic Education and GED program at Sheltering Wings enabled four students to receive their GED this past year, one passing with an honors diploma. Fifteen other students, 14 female, one male, were enrolled in the program as well. Studies show that children will attend school and achieve to the educational level of their mother. With help from the $5,000 grant, the Sheltering Wings Adult Basic Education and GED program is giving mothers new opportunities for a new life for financial freedom, while also encouraging their child’s education.

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Greencastle Presbyterian Church

General Operating

$2,886.80 - Dr. James F. Elrod Fund (2012)

Greencastle Presbyterian Church operates upon three principles: worship, community, and serivce. These are the basis for what takes place inside the church’s 20 year old buildilng. Due to its’ age, the building itself is in need of many updates. The grant the Greencastle Presbyterian Church received through the Community Foundation enabled them to replace to 2 air conditioner and furnace units for their building. These units will enhance the church’s outreach missions.

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West Central Indiana Fellowship of

Christian Athletes

20/20 Vision

$358.16 - Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fund (2013)

FCA of Central Indiana has 4 Core Values that help demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence. WCI FCA reaches 31 schools in their 60 school district. 16 of those schools are in Hendricks County. The 20/20 vision platform enhances the WCI FCA reach and includes additional sports ministry events, training, and outreach.

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Hendricks Regional Health Foundation

Patient discharge notebooks

$10,000 - Smithville Charitable Foundation (2012)

Grant monies from the Smithville Charitable Foundation, HCCF partner, the Hendricks Regional Health Foundation was able to purchase 7,000 binders, divider tabs and copied materials for patient discharge notebooks.  The binders include aftercare instructions for patients, family members and caregivers.  Patients appreciate having pertinent information at their fingertips and healthcare providers are receiving less questions about follow-up care with thanks to the notebooks.  Because of the outstanding feedback regarding he discharge notebooks, other hospitals such as Community Hospital North in Indianapolis is replicating the notebook program.

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Westside Secondary Transition Council

Transition Isn't Scary...Let's Keep it that Way!

$600 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The goal of Transition Isn't Scary...Let's Keep it that Way! is to provide a means to educate and refer families and young adults with disabilities to appropriate life after high school services.  The fair conducted mini-classes about vital transitional topics for the young adults.  Over 50 local families were administered resources about the transition between high school and adulthood at this year's fair.

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Plainfield Fire Territory

Smoke Alarm Distribution

$1,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

There are many struggling families living in Plainfield Fire Territory jurisdiction without the life-saving technology of a smoke detector in their home.  With the $1,000 grant from the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund, the Plainfield Fire Territory was able to purchase 50 smoke alarms for distribution to homes of the elderly, disabled and those who lack sufficient financial support.


Avon High School DECA

National Leadership DECA Competition

$2,021 - Avon Chamber of Commerce Fund (2013)

This grant helped fund eight Avon High School students attend the National Leadership DECA Championships in California.

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Arts for Learning

Arts programming at Hendricks County Elementary Schools

$3,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

Brown Elementary K through 5th grade students learned the musical styles of Latin America from Mundo Beat.

Central Elementary 4th grade students learned about street art and the principals separating street art from vandalism.

Hickory Elementary K through 4th grade students combined African drum with folktales from Africa with the Griot Drum Ensemble.

River Birch Elementary 4th grade students were taught the connections for students between clogging and patterns inherent in math.

Van Buren Elementary 5th grad students learned the techniques of clay building.

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North West Hendricks School Corporation

North Salem Elementary School

$400 - North Salem High School Alumni

Assocation Fund (2013)

The North Salem High School Alumni Association Fund at HCCF granted $400 to North Salem Elementary School for science supplies. Current and up-to-date equipment for students advances learning by providing more opportunites.

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Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program

$242 - AgrIInstitute Fund (2013)

The Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP) is sponsored by AgrIInstitue with the purpose of creating a framework of self-assured, highly motivated, professionals who possess the leadership capacity to serve agriculture and rural communitites in Indiana. The grant contributed toward the costs of one of the twelve seminars that ALP provides. This year’s seminars assist with the advancement of leadership skills, agricultural understanding, and expertise in public affairs for 30 individuals.

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B&O Trail Association

Trail Expansion

$2,850 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund

$2,500 - Anonymous Fund of the HCCF (2012)

With the help of the grants given by funds at the Community Foundation, the B&O Trail Association was able to purchase the first section of the land parcel in the gap between the two already constructed sections o f the B&O Trail. This is the first purchase of land of five that are required to connect the two existing sections of the trail. The $5,000 received through funds at HCCF assisted the B&O Trail Association in progressing the trail extension.

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Handicapable Camp, Inc.

General Operating

$6,274 - David H. Kiebach Smile Fund (2012)

$2,500 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

$2,500 - Anonymous Fund of the HCCF (2012)

$500 - Hendricks County Youth Philanthropy Fund (2012)

Handicapable Camp provides outdoor recreation and overnight camping in scenic Souther Indiana to appoximately 100 phsyically, mentally, and emotional handicapped individuals each year. In 2012, 65% of the campers were from Hendricks County. The grant given to Handicapable Camp ensured campers cost of the 3 day program at $50. The smiles, hugs, and relationships that are built at Handicapable Camp are a great reward for the campers, their full-time care givers, and the camp volunteers.

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Tri-West Junior Miss, Inc.

General Operating

$1,000 - Louise W. Broyles Memorial Fund (2012)

The Tri-West Distinguished Young Woman Scholarship program is managed by Tri-West Junior Miss Inc. The program gives Tri-West senior girls the opportnity to particapte in the program including 5 judged categories Scholastics, Talent, Interview, Fitness, and Self-Expression. 13 scholarships are awarded each year ranging from $150 to $1250. This year’s winner, Lauren DeSutter, will compete in the State program in Kokomo, Indiana and will return with a great learning experience.

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Sycamore Services, Inc.

General Operating

$2,000 - Hancel and Dorotha Owens Sycamore Services Day Program Fund (2012)

Sycamore Gardens is located behind Sycamore Services Inc. in Danville. The garden has raised flower beds and wide pathways for individuals with disabilities and other daily challenges to participate in arranging and maintaing the garden. The $2,000 grant allowed Sycamore Services to purchase a tiller for the garden’s preparation. Participants receive positive experience from being outside, watching the plants grow, and being part of the “harvest” process.

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Sheltering Wings Center for Women

General Operating

$15,000 - Anderson Family Fund (2012)

Sheltering Wings provides a safe shelter for women and children who are facing the desperate circumstances of domestic violence. With the help of the Anderson Family Fund Grant, Sheltering Wings served 159 women and 172 children with residential services in 2012. In addition, they were able to respond to over 1,097 crisis calls and educated over 20,007 individuals about domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating violence. Other services provided by the shelter includes comprehenvsive assessments, advocacy, mentoring, case management as well as job and life skills training.

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Putnam County Public Library

General Operating

$1,237 - Dr. James F. Elrod Fund (2012)

The Putnam County Library hosted Converstaion with the Artists on October 5, 2012. A poet, photographer, and blues guitarist were featured at the book launch event. Conversation with Artists attracted over 40 attendees in 2012 . The Putnam County Public Library hopes to offer more experiences that blend together writing, music, and art.

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Hendricks County Senior Services

LINK- Hendricks Country Public Transit

$10,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

$40,000 - Hendricks County Senior Services Non-Permanent Fund (2012)

Hendricks County Senior Services operates LINK, the county’s public transportation system that is designed to meet the unique needs of disabled and frail riders. During 2012, LINK enabled 491 individuals to access 21,752 trips. Because 70% of the program participants are low-income the services are provided on a donation basis. LINK allows elderly and disabled adults to live indepentedly and with dignity while promoting access to healthcare, social/recreational activities, employment, and life-essential destinations.

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Avon High School

The Power of Physics (POP)

$1,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The Power of Physics (POP) project was designed to attract students to the science courses. Due to their reputation of being complex and difficult courses, physics classes are often times perceived as unattractive to students. POP finds ways to make physics presentations fun, cool, and exciting to students of all ages. With help of the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund grant, over 560 students saw the 70 minute POP presentation.




Print Rainbow Guides

$2,500 - Anonymous Fund of the HCCF (2012)

Nearly 500 professionals in Hendricks County downloaded a Rainbow Book in 2012. These books exist to be a resource directory that is tailored specifically for organizations to assist their clients in Hendricks County. Rainbow Books are published semi-annually by geographical region and are available free for download from Connect2Help’s website. Each downloaded book connects individuals in need with services that provide.

Download the Rainbow Book

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Kingsway Community Care Center

General Operating

$3,500 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

Over 8,500 (1,415 in 2012) patients have visited the Kingsway Community Care Center for medical attention since it’s opening in 2005. Because no one is turned away due to their inability of payment, approximately 31% of the office-visit fees were not collected in 2012. Fortunately, the HCCF grant provided enough funds to cover the costs of the lacking payments.

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Hendricks County Museum/

Danville Public Library

Civil War Heritage Days

$2,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

Civil War Heritage Days is a project that seeks to bring living history to the residents of Hendricks County. The celebration exhibited Civil War re-enactments, era music, a grand ball, and memorabilia. It is estimated that 2,000 individuals from all over Indiana enjoyed the 2012 Civil War Heritage Day festivities.

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National Road Heritage Trail

Vandalia Trail Extension West

$2,000 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

A new 1.1 mile section of the Vandalia Trail was constructed with funds from the HCCF. The extension runs from west of Mill Street in Coatesville along the former Vandalia Railroad corridor to the east end of Putnam County’s Vandalia Trail.

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Eel River Township Trustee

Community Building Refurbishment

$2,500 matching grant - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2012)

The Eel River Township Trustee exceeded their match goal and used the funds to purchase and install new floors in the Eel River Township Community Building in North Salem. The Community Center in Eel River Township served 1,700 individuals in 2012. This matching grant encouraged the Trustee to open a Donation Fund to benefit future operations of the Community Building.


Hendricks College Network

Hendricks County Graduate Fair

$1,500 - Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund (2011)

The Hendricks College Network hosted the Hendricks County Graduate Fair with the help of a grant from the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund at the HCCF. Over 30 graduate program representatives from 4 states attended to inform participants of their graduate programs. Workshops regarding information on graduate school funding, undergrad vs. graduate programs, test preparation, personal statements, and online vs. tradition graduate programs were also available to participants. The Graduate Degree Fair plans to continue for 3 years to build expectation, recognition, and success.

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