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All about our mission, funds, and team

Hendricks County Community Foundation is focused on creating a long-term, sustainable impact through connecting people with the causes they care about and the needs of our local area.

Local people creating local solutions

Our community is made up of many generous, caring and committed people. See how these individuals and organizations have joined us in improving our local resources and programs.

Accomplish more together

Whether through donating, volunteering or learning more about the needs of Hendricks County, there are multiple ways to contribute to the development and growth of our community.

Scholarships and Grants

HCCF supports area charities and Hendricks County students through grants and scholarships totaling $800,000 annually.

The Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF) is a local nonprofit organization that connects residents of Hendricks County, Indiana with causes they care about through coordinated investments and grantmaking. It’s a way for local people to come together and solve local challenges facing Hendricks County every day, leaving a long-term impact and legacy in the community. By working as an advocate for the whole nonprofit sector and connecting residents and organizations across the county, HCCF enables a larger impact beyond what one individual nonprofit or donor can accomplish.