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HCCF Grantmaking

HCCF provides meaningful, long-term and permanent ways for people to give back to their community and to causes and organizations that matter to them. HCCF currently manages over 200 funds created by individuals, families, businesses and organizations for charitable purposes. These funds provides grants to organizations and worthy causes to improve the quality of life within our community forever.

Unrestricted Grantmaking

Approximately 10% of HCCF’s total grantmaking is unrestricted—designed for the general benefit of the community and determined by the Board of Directors. Through unrestricted grantmaking, HCCF focuses on nonprofit capacity building. Generally defined as strengthening management systems and governance, capacity building grants recognize that organizations need to build effective management, governance, marketing and sustainability as well as programs.

Applications are available year round, and grants are made on a rolling and ongoing basis. If you have questions about HCCF’s grantmaking priorities or which type of grant you may qualify for please read below or contact HCCF Program Officer, Eric Hessel at

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Proactive Nonprofit and Donor Capacity Building:

This includes proactive, strategic and regular opportunities for nonprofits in and serving our community to learn best practices and network with their peers. This will also include opportunities for the general public to attend donor education, board training and other programming to continue to improve the culture of giving in Hendricks County.

Capacity Building Grants:

These grants will allow HCCF to be reactive to the self-assessed needs of the organizations serving our community. The categories include organizational capacity (strategic planning), professional capacity (professional development) and functional capacity (capital purchases).

Small Project Grants:

These grants will support one-time, project-based grants like public art, parks or historic preservation and not the regular programming, operations or capacity building of an organization.

HCCF Special Initiative Grants:

These grants will allow annual flexibility in HCCF grantmaking based on community trends and needs. The HCCF Board of Directors will approve a focused, targeted and strategic proposal for the upcoming year at their annual meeting, typically held in December.

Other Grantmaking

Sometimes funding requests fall outside of our general unrestricted grantmaking.  HCCF has a variety of other restricted (as opposed to unrestricted) funds that may have interest in funding programs and organizations outside of our capacity building, small project and special initiative focus. If your request falls outside of our unrestricted priorities, you may complete a Letter of Intent to be distributed to donor advised and field of interest funds.


Get involved with HCCF

There are many ways for Hendricks County residents to roll up their sleeves and get involved with a cause close to home that matters to them.