Corporate partner and sponsor

What is North Salem State’s Bank relationship with HCCF?

There is a long, shared history between North Salem State Bank and the Hendricks County Community Foundation. NSSB was worked with HCCF from the very beginning, starting with our former President and now chairman of the board John Colvin. Mr. Colvin always had a passion for philanthropy and that culture has been passed down to our current officers. We established a community fund at HCCF to honor Robert Porter, a past board member of both organizations.

Why does NSSB enjoy partnering with HCCF?

HCCF provides us with a quick and easy way to pass on our successes to those in need, especially kids in our surrounding communities. Besides being a corporate partner, our employees would give time and talent to the FAFSA Days program, which helped parents and students find financial aid for college. Our employees and customers have also collected food items for the Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition. In return, not only do our employees and customers get a good feeling of helping others, but we are also seen as community leaders.

What would you say to other companies or individuals considering donating to HCCF?

Community means everything. It’s the responsibility of every citizen and corporation to help those in need and to share in their rewards.