Hunger in Hendricks County is a real issue with over 15,000 residents, or 1 in every 10, living in
food insecure homes meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Thankfully,
Hendricks County is home to the Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition (HCFPC) which is made
up of nearly thirty pantries sharing resources and ideas to better serve individuals in need.
However, one item that is rarely available at food pantries is fresh meat. That’s where Farmers and
Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH), a fund of the Hendricks County Community Foundation
(HCCF), comes in. Farmers & Hunters partners with hunters and farmers in states nationwide to
provide nutritious meat to feed the hungry of their communities.

This summer, a community collaboration between Farmers & Hunters and the 4-H Fair Livestock
Auction provided fresh meat to the member food pantries of the Coalition. After caring for their
animals and showing them at the Hendricks County 4-H Fair, nine Hendricks County students
generously donated their livestock to Farmers & Hunters and the Coalition. In addition, a group of
Hendricks County livestock buyers purchased some of the 4-H animals at auction and then
donated them back to Farmers & Hunters. Dave Mood, Chairman of the Hendricks County 4-H
Fair Board, and the other fair board members helped organize the generous donation of these
animals, which included 16 swine and 4 lambs totaling 4,700 pounds of fresh meat. Together they
raised the funds to pay the processing fees, packaging, and distribution to the Hendricks County
Food Pantry Coalition.

The partnership between Farmers & Hunters and the Community Foundation is proudly
celebrating their 10th year together as successful partners in fighting to put a dent in hunger in
Hendricks County. FHFH Coordinator, Don Emry commented, “This is another example of how this
community works together with significant results! Farmers & Hunters would like to express their
sincere gratitude to the livestock buyers and 4-H students who donated the animals, to LaBlanc
Nettles Davis Law Firm and Jay Orner Billiards & Sons for their sponsorship of the processing
fees of the livestock, and the volunteers who delivered the meat–Gregg Burks ,Don Stagge and
Bill Mattock.”

HCCF Program Officer, Eric Hessel, commented on this partnership, “The Community Foundation
is extremely proud to be part of such an outstanding example of community collaboration which
brought together nearly 30 food pantries in the Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition, Farmers
and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, the Hendricks County Fair Board and many corporate and
individual donors. The significant amount of nutritious fresh meat donated, processed and
distributed goes to show what amazing things can happen when our community works together to
serve those in need.”