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HCCF Grantmaking

We create our primary impact through our grantmaking.  HCCF currently manages over 200 charitable funds created by individuals, families, businesses and organizations for charitable purposes.  Income from these funds annually provides grants to organizations and projects and programs to improve the quality of life within our community.  Our grantmaking totals are approximately 700 grants totaling around $800,000 each year.  HCCF provides meaningful, long-term and permanent ways for people to give back to their community and to causes and organizations that matter to them.  Our grantmaking is how that takes place.

HCCF Unrestricted Grants

Approximately 10% of HCCF’s total grantmaking is unrestricted—designed for the general benefit of the community and determined by the Board of Directors. Through unrestricted grantmaking, HCCF focuses on nonprofit capacity building. Generally defined as strengthening management systems and governance, capacity building grants recognize that organizations need to build effective management, governance, marketing and sustainability as well as programs.

HCCF Scholarships

The Hendricks County Community Foundation administers more than 50 scholarship funds, as well as the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program for our county. Since 1996, the Community Foundation has awarded nearly 500 scholarships worth over $3.7 million. These scholarships are funded by donors who believe in the youth of Hendricks County and want to support their pursuit of higher education.

Habit of the Heart

The Habit of the Heart Fund helps Hendricks County women and children in emergency need. To date, the Fund has provided over $435,000 in grants for needs such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, dental work, clothing, transportation, medication, tutoring and other essential items.

Do you want to get plugged into Hendricks County?

We are always looking for community-minded individuals to engage with us through committee work, serving on our Board of Directors or volunteering to assist with events. Get plugged in with Hendricks County in a meaningful way!