Debbie has loved animals from the time she was a little girl. When she was a child, her grandmother had outside cats that raised their kittens near cars and predators. Debbie vividly remembers worrying about the well-being of those kittens and their mamas, and that passion for animals has carried on into her adulthood. She made the decision to do everything she possibly could to protect animals at risk where she lived. Knowing the significant financial support Debbie had given to animal shelters and animal- related causes over the years, her financial planner suggested she team up with the Hendricks County Community Foundation to start “Daisy’s Animal Fund.” Debbie’s fund supports Misty Eyes Animal Center and other animal related projects and nonprofits in Hendricks County. Debbie said, “HCCF CEO William Rhodehamel was very helpful in explaining the process of starting a fund at the Community Foundation. I felt comfortable knowing that the money would multiply and continue to help many animals and their companions. It was important to me that I continued my grandmother’s legacy in creating the best possible life for companion animals.”

Since the establishment of the fund in 2014, Daisy’s Animal Fund has awarded almost $3,000 in grants and continues to promote caring and compassionate care for animals in Hendricks County. Debbie’s spoke of her plans for the future of the fund, “It’s so important to me to look to the future and plan for a time when there are no more unwanted and uncared-for animals in Hendricks County. I continue to try to fulfill that dream by expanding the reach of the fund’s grant recipients who will use the fund to help animals in need.”