The North West Hendricks Education Foundation (NWHEF), a fund of the Hendricks County Community Foundation, awarded the Pittsboro Primary School Resource Room a grant for $1,000 to purchase resources for students who learn differently and need extra help to achieve educational
success. The grant funded 6 math and reading learning centers, 1 STEM activity, and 1 large timer. The Resource Room in the Pittsboro Primary school assists over twenty students in kindergarten through second grades. The number of students serviced varies from year to year, depending upon the educational needs of the children.

The grant request was made by Tammy Deering, the Resource Room Teacher, on behalf of her present and future students. She wanted more hands-on, visual activities to more effectively help her students learn. “I am thrilled with all of these new materials to help my students reach their potential,” said Deering. “We are excited as teachers to have the opportunity to use more colorful, hands-on, exciting, and fun resources to encourage students to learn and grow in their education. I am so thankful to NWHEF for approving this grant to enhance the education of students in our community.”

The NWHEF fund was established at HCCF in 2013 with a matching $25,000 grant from the Smithville Charitable Foundation. The fund has raised over $120,000 in just 3 years, and has awarded over $42,000 in grants to support each of the North West Hendricks schools. “We love partnering with organizations like NWHEF in working to improve the quality of education in our community,” said William Rhodehamel , President/CEO of HCCF. “The people of Hendricks County are passionate about excellence in education for their children, and we are passionate about helping them accomplish just that.”