HCCF Scholarships

The Hendricks County Community Foundation administers more than 50 scholarship funds, as well as the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program for our county. Since 1996, the Community Foundation has awarded nearly 500 scholarships worth over $3.7 million. These scholarships are funded by donors who believe in the youth of Hendricks County and want to support their pursuit of higher education. A scholarship fund established within the Community Foundation is a wonderful way to leave a family legacy forever.

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Application Process and Requirements

HCCF scholarship applications are completed online. Applications for seniors graduating in 2019 are now open. Completed applications are due Wednesday September 12 by midnight. 

The following requirements must be met to complete the application process in the future:

  1. Applicant must be a Hendricks County resident.
  2. Applicant provides contact information, education, activities, employment and a personal statement
  3. Applicant provides two letters of recommendation submitted online
  4. Applicant provides academic transcript submitted online
  5. Applicant provides family financial information using the College Cost Estimator Form when designated by certain scholarships
  6. Applicant completes Required Materials Form and delivers a hard copy via mail using the instructions provided on the form

Additional Scholarships

The following Community Foundation scholarships utilize different application processes.
Duke Energy Indiana Technical Trade Scholarship was established in 2007 by Duke Energy Indiana to provide a scholarship for students going to an Indiana technical trade school.

Apply for the Duke Energy Indiana Technical Trade Scholarship now!

The Robert Burks Koho Memorial Scholarship, Damon Leach Memorial Scholarship and Jim Lovell Memorial Scholarship are for Plainfield High School seniors are determined outside of the Community Foundation through a committee of coaches and Plainfield High School Athletic Department staff.

College Cost Estimator

Fill out a FREE College Costs Estimator form online here and receive your customized report which provides helpful information regarding financial aid for college. Call the National Center for College Costs toll free at (877) 687-7291 for more information.

View the estimator at: www.indianacollegecosts.org

Contact Eric with any applications questions at eric@hendrickscountycf.org.